The guy with the orange suitcase.

There once was a little guy, just six. One day, while nosing through his parents' stuff, he found a strange little black box, a Kodak Instamatic. It turned out that you could take pictures with it, so that's just what he did – of his dad, mom, sister, dog and anything else that caught his eye. When the little guy turned teenager, he jobbed around and saved up enough to buy a Nikon – cool clothes were not his priority. He wanted to become the next David Hamilton, but mom and dad had other plans – they wanted him to become an engineer. That idea ended when the teenager saw Blow Up.

He came out of the movie with a plan – he wanted to become a cool photographer. Things didn't quite turn out as he'd planned, but the young photographer got to shoot fashion, gourmet food and design furniture for advertising. He learned fast and worked hard, but now he dreamed of using his talents to shoot portraits of people with a story to tell. Gradually, the guy turned his dream into reality and today he and his orange suitcase are to be seen all over the world photographing people who move the world and us through their idealism, their compassion and their stories.